What Are The Different Types Of Concrete Mixes Used For?

Concrete is something that you will typically see used quite frequently. From building to landscaping, concrete is used for very many projects that people have. Concrete is created by mixing gravel, cement, water, and sand together. As it dries, concrete forms a hard stone-like object. While concrete is often used frequently and for many different things, the type of concrete mix used will typically depend on the type of application that the concrete will be used in.

An anchoring type of concrete mix is twice as strong as regular concrete. It also has an epoxy mixed in to help when adhering items. The typical application of anchoring mix concrete is attaching chains, gates, or railings to another piece of concrete or block. The lightweight concrete mix is another type of concrete that is often used in building projects. The lightweight mixture will cover a larger area than regular concrete. This type of mixture is ideal for use when pouring a slab, creating a walkway, or creating steps.

Reinforced concrete mixtures come in a few different forms. The first type is fiber reinforced mix. This type of mixture will help to reduce flaking, chipping, or cracking. This also will make it so that you do not need wire mesh in the application. Patios, sidewalks, and driveways are where this concrete mixed is usually used. Another type of reinforced mix is gravel mix that’s fiber reinforced. This concrete mixture will be stronger than a sand mix type of concrete. The application of this is best when you will require more than 2 inches of thickness with the concrete. The third type of reinforced concrete mix is vinyl fiber reinforced. This concrete mix is typically referred to as a patching mix. The vinyl fiber reinforced concrete mix is normally used for patching or repairing any problems in previously poured concrete.

The regular concrete mix is fairly common since it can be used in many different applications. If you’re doing general concrete work, regular concrete will normally be what you need. This type of mix is used for building sidewalks, floors, patios, steps, setting posts, and downspout troughs. Sand mix concrete mix combines sand with the concrete. This type of mixture is ideal when you do not need a thick layer of concrete. If you need less than two inches in thickness, sand concrete is probably your best bet. The sand mix can be used for fixing concrete surfaces that are chipped or need to be patched. It can also be used as a grout,  adhesive when you’re paving bricks, and for laying flagstone.

Various types of concrete mixes are available for whatever project that you’re looking to complete. Most hardware or building supply stores will carry the different types of concrete that you may need. Before beginning your project, make sure to think about exactly what you’re creating or doing with the concrete to determine which concrete mix will be best for your needs.